Batumi, Georgia, is a coastal city with a subtropical Mediterranean climate. The coastline of the Black Sea is beautiful, and the city of Tbilisi stretches for miles along it. Batumi has maintained its grace, elegance and laid-back vibe despite the introduction of newer buildings.

Batumi, Georgia, is a coastal city with a subtropical Mediterranean climate, making it attractive year-round thanks to its sunny summers and mild winters. The coastline of the Black Sea is beautiful, and the city of Tbilisi, Georgia, the country’s second-largest, stretches for miles along it.

Amazing sights and pleasant temperatures await visitors to Batumi. Some days should be set aside to explore the many museums, landmarks, and beaches that are worth seeing. Even if the traveler is only passing through Batumi, he should still take the time to learn about the city’s best attractions.

Tourists with more experience have compiled their attractions rating, which newcomers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with. Batumi has maintained its grace, elegance, and laid-back vibe despite introducing newer buildings. Read on to find out what to do in Batumi at this Black Sea vacation spot.

12 Best Things What To Do in Batumi, Georgia

Alphabetic Tower

The alphabetic tower is just one of many skyscrapers in Batumi. The distinctiveness of the Georgian alphabet and culture is reflected in its design. The tower is another prominent feature of the city, and it can be found close to the Ali and Nino statue. The 130-meter-tall (426.5-foot) structure is shaped like the DNA strand that contains the 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet, with each letter standing at the height of four meters (13.1 feet). Ascending the elevator will take you to the very top of the building, where you will find breathtaking vistas.

A statue depicting Ali and Nino

Ali and Nino Batumi Georgia

Ali and Nino Batumi Georgia

The statue of eternal love that can be found at Batumi Bay is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. Every ten minutes, the figures, crafted by the Georgian artist Tamara Kvesitadze, move closer to one another, combine into a single unit, and finally move further apart. The author of the book of the same name, Kurban Said, is the one who inspired the creation of this magnificent statue. The story was set in Baku in 1918. It focuses on a love affair between an Azerbaijani Muslim named Ali and a Georgian Christian woman who was the daughter of a nobleman.

Get Some Fish From the Batumi Market

Batumi Market Georgia

Batumi Market Georgia

The Batumi Fish Market is not only the largest fish market in Georgia but also one of the city’s most visited landmarks. Every day at 10 a.m., you can visit the market at its waterfront location. Salmon, oysters, octopus, prawns, dorado, sea bass, and sturgeon are some fresh seafood options.

Tourists can either eat at one of the many nearby restaurants or buy fish to take home with them. It’s an essential activity for any trip to Batumi, Georgia. If you get there early enough, you can see the merchants setting up their daily stalls. Find whatever you’re looking for in the Black Sea because that’s where they all live!

Batumi’s main thoroughfare, Batumi Boulevard

Batumi Georgia5

Batumi Georgia

A stunningly gorgeous area that spans nearly all of the city. Tourists who took a few days to see the sights in Batumi will be glad they made the trip. The alleys are lined with palm trees and have plenty of benches for visitors to sit and enjoy the weather. Guests can choose between renting bikes or scooters, which feature dedicated lanes. Tourists from all over the world flock to Batumi Boulevard now. Different works of art, eateries, coffee shops, snack bars, and transportation options (rental bikes, scooters, mini-cars, etc.) can be dotted along the walkways.

Transportation via the Argo cable car

It is not necessary to book a flight over Batumi to get a good view of the city’s attractions. All year round, you can ride the cable car. There must be something special about the area that draws tourists there. You can take in the sights from up high and observe city life. It’s cheap to have fun with two people. You’ll need a good supply of patience, but making the ascent to the cable car on foot is worth it.

Check out Batumi Beach

Batumi Beach in Georgia is calling your name if you want to relax on the sand. With good company, it’s the ideal spot for some R&R in the sun. In Batumi, Georgia, you can enjoy the beach on the coast of the Black Sea.

Batumi Beach Georgia

Batumi Beach Georgia

Swimming, sunning, and taking in breathtaking vistas are just a few activities available to guests. Several excellent restaurants are serving up regional specialties not far away. Several of the city’s top sights, including the Batumi Boardwalk, are within easy walking distance.

Botanical Garden of Batumi

Batumi Botanical Garden, also known as Green Cape (or Mtsvane Kontskhi), is a popular destination for day trips from the city. The botanical garden covers about 108 hectares of land. It opened in 1912 and housed an impressive collection of over 5,000 species. The park has nine different types of flora, so a full day is required to see everything.

The botanical garden can be reached in several different ways. Take the direct marshrutka 31 from the city’s core and wait for it to pass along Parnavaz Mepe Street. Also, you can catch bus 15 from Rustaveli Street and minibus 40 from Chavchavadze Street.

Park May 6

Close to the embankment can be found a park that has been meticulously maintained (finding it on the map is quite simple). Visitors traveling with young children will have a wonderful time at this destination because it features kid-friendly amenities, such as winding pathways ideal for taking languid strolls, a boat launch, and a miniature version of a nearby zoo. You can bring your children here in the evening because it is a peaceful location, and there is a peculiar fountain in its very center.

The stream of water from the fountain appears to be coming from the ground, and it is maintained at the height of three meters.

Try Adjaruli Khachapuri

This style of khachapuri, which is similar to pizza and is made from cheese and dough, can only be found in this particular part of Georgia. It is baked in an oven made of bricks and is shaped like a boat. After the dish has been removed from the oven, the chef will finish it by incorporating a raw egg and a pat of butter before plating it. To prepare it for eating, you must combine all of the ingredients, break off a piece of the dough, and submerge it in the cheese-egg-butter mixture.

It comes in a variety of sizes, and each one is quite substantial. Most locals cannot even consume an entire one, which is why some cafes now offer “tsom gamotslili,” which means that the extra dough found on the sides of the “boat” is removed. On the other hand, this does not imply that there will be less cheese in the center of the dish.

Piazza Square (Batumi)

This is a very unexpected discovery, which appears to have been made in one of Batumi’s older Georgian buildings. Do not forget to include this location in your discussion with your loved ones about the sights to see and activities to participate in while in Batumi. Even though it is not an old attraction but rather a remade one, visitors should still pay attention to it. Gourmet food enthusiasts have an especially deep appreciation for Piazza’s offerings.

Europe Square Batumi Georgia

Europe Square Batumi Georgia

On the square, one restaurant seamlessly flows into another, but everything is very cultural and well organized despite this. Diners with a refined palate can savor a delectable meal at the restaurant, which specializes in European, Italian, and Georgian cuisine. While other establishments offer excellent beer, some serve vintage chacha manufactured in a factory.

Spend time with the dolphins.

The visit to the Dolphinarium at the end of your time in Batumi will surely be a highlight for you. The venue, one of Georgia’s most well-known tourist destinations, puts on an entertaining show in Georgian, Russian, and English in which the adorable species sing, dance, kiss, and hug each other. You can also interact with the dolphins and have fun with them after the performance for an additional fee.

Go to the Village of Mirveti

Mirveti Village is a wonderful place to escape the bustle of nearby Batumi. This picturesque Georgian village is conveniently close to Batumi for day trips into the surrounding countryside.

Mirveti Arch Bridge, a stone structure built in the Middle Ages to link neighboring settlements, is one of the area’s most popular tourist destinations. All over Upper Adjara, you’ll find bridges just like this one. There are also homes, farms, and raised barns known as nalia, where the locals dry corn and other produce. Mirveti Waterfall, which cascades down a rock face into a pool not far from the bridge, is well worth a visit.

History of Batumi, Georgia

Batumi’s history is long and tumultuous. Even in prehistoric times, people lived there, and the harbor they built here was crucial. The city’s strategic location has resulted in frequent leadership changes. However, the Russian occupation of the city in the nineteenth century saw its greatest expansion. Industry arrived when the railroad between Batumi and Baku, Azerbaijan, was completed.

Batumi Georgia4

Batumi Georgia

Many relics from that era remain, most obviously the uniquely designed vintage homes. Batumi is currently attempting to reimagine itself. While everyone seems to have an opinion on the topic (whether you like the changes or not), it’s safe to say that nobody can remain indifferent to the city.

Best Time To Visit Batumi

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April through May and September through November are the best times to go to Batumi if you want to avoid the crowds and see the city without breaking the bank (October-November). At this time of year, apartments and even some of the best hotels in Batumi may have nightly rates that are significantly lower than normal. During the summer months, this region welcomes many visitors from all over the world.

The price of the room will increase by a factor of three. There are a lot of people on the beaches and in the streets. In addition, during the summer, it can get quite warm, and it is highly likely that it will rain quite frequently. The winters are typically mild, with only a dusting of snow.

Discovering Batumi: A Journey through Its Best Experiences

Planning Your Trip to Batumi

By air, the trip from Istanbul to Batumi is only 1060 kilometers, while traveling by car adds another 270 kilometers. One of the most practical and quick ways to get to Batumi is to take a flight. Flight time between Istanbul and Batumi is roughly 2 hours. Promos for flights within Georgia can help you save money while commuting.


Batumi, located on the coast of Georgia, is widely recognized as one of the most desirable vacation destinations along the Black Sea. The beach is made up of fine pebbles and is quite long and wide; the water in the ocean is clear and suitable for swimming, and there is a wealth of evening entertainment available to keep night owls occupied.

In essence, Batumi is a fun and laid-back place to be, but for the more discerning travelers, the city also offers a multitude of pleasant surprises. These pleasant surprises, when combined with a few days of relaxation in one of the city’s excellent hotels, provide the ideal way to complete a tailor-made vacation in the country of Georgia.

Batumi Georgia3

Batumi Georgia

Batumi has a subtropical climate due to its location at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains. This ensures that neither Batumi’s winters nor summers are excessively cold or hot. It was primarily due to this that the upper-class citizens of the Russian Empire decided to spend their summers in Batumi, which led to the city’s subsequent rise to prominence as a popular tourist destination.

Batumi is also a port city; however, during the time that Georgia was a part of the Soviet Union, the nearby border with Turkey was closed, which caused the city’s prominence to decline. It wasn’t until the fall of the Soviet Union and Georgia’s subsequent re-independence in the early 1990s that Batumi began to flourish again. Batumi is also a port city; however, the nearby border with Turkey was closed during the time that Georgia was a part of the Soviet Union.

The city was quickly transformed from a relative backwater into one of the most vibrant and attractive places to be in Georgia with the assistance of the newly-appointed Georgian administration, which wanted to put Batumi back on the map once more (both from a commercial and touristic point of view). This helped the city go from being a relative backwater to becoming one of the most vibrant and attractive places to be in the country.


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Batumi is unlike any other city in Georgia. Even though its location is a little bit out on a limb (more on that later), it is most certainly worth visiting. It offers a fascinating contrast to other destinations in the country that are more traditional.

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