What is the best time of year to travel to Greece? The best time to visit Greece would be when the weather is warm and shining in the middle of summer. The best time of year to visit Greece is during the summer. The climate is mild, so it doesn’t get too hot, but there are plenty of opportunities for exploring ancient ruins and delving into ancient history. The weather is warmer, and it doesn’t rain as often as winter months. Additionally, you can experience the Greek islands at their best during this time.

Generally, May, June, and September are the finest months to visit Greece. May in Athens is a great season for long, unhurried walks because of the abundance of bright days that aren’t too hot. By June, the Aegean islands’ beaches are warm enough for swimming, and famous destinations like Mykonos aren’t yet overrun.

Parga, Greece

Parga, Greece

Athens becomes hot and humid in July, and it’s also a popular season for travelers to visit the city. Athens is an excellent city to visit in August since most of the city’s residents leave for the beach, making it a quieter place to be. In September, there are fewer tourists, but the days are still long and pleasant, and less humid than in July and August. Crete, Greece’s southernmost island, is known for its year-round swimming.

Best Months & Times To Visit Greece – Duration Of Visits – Weather Considerations

Visitors looking to experience all that Greece has to offer should consider visiting Greece during one of these best months. Spring is the best time to visit Greece because the weather is generally stable with mild temperatures. The spring months also offer many outdoor activities like hikes, biking, and swimming. Fall is another great time to visit Greece because of all the festivals and celebrations taking place at this time of year. You can also enjoy some quality wine while exploring this beautiful country.

Winter is the last recommended season for visiting Greece, as it’s typically not a good time for beach visits or outdoor activities. Still, there are plenty of cultural events happening during this season. Summer is not recommended for people who want to avoid high temperatures and humid weather.

The Best Places To See In Greece Based On Your Interests

Whether you’re looking to relax on a secluded beach, discover the ruins of a long-dead civilization, or experience nature at its finest, Greece offers it all. Are you still unsure of where you want to spend your summer vacation? There are several reasons to visit this nation, from historical ruins to breathtaking scenery.

Athens – A City with a Sense of Timelessness

Athens, inhabited for more than 3,000 years, is usually regarded as the birthplace of democracy and Western culture. The city’s mix of old and new makes it difficult to navigate. The Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Ancient Agora, and the Theatre of Dionysos are just a handful of Athens’ iconic archaeological remains and structures.

On the other hand, Athens is more than simply a collection of antiquated monuments. While it’s known for its vibrant nightlife scene, it’s also a major hub for commerce, culture, and the arts. One of Greece’s nicest destinations to visit in Athens, which showed off its jazzy side following the 2004 Olympics. Athens is now known for its sophisticated subways, pristine streets, well-maintained parks, amazing motorways, and ultra-friendly people. Known as the “City of Myth and Modernism,” it is home to both spectacular modern architecture and historically significant landmarks. Athens, Greece, has a plethora of attractions, from the Acropolis to the Temple of Zeus.

Not to be missed! Stunning views from Mount Lycabettus, the New Acropolis Museum’s priceless artifacts, the National Gardens’ lovely flowers, the ancient Greek temple of Erechtheum, the Ancient Agora’s rolling hills, Plaka’s historic neighborhoods, the well-preserved Temple of Hephaestus, and the world-famous Parthenon are just a few of the must-see attractions in Athens.

Small, Narrow Streets in Chania, Greece.

Chania Center, Greece

Chania Center, Greece

Chania’s Old Venetian Harbor is the town’s main draw. Several Hollywood films and television shows have been filmed there because of their unique architecture. Cobblestone streets and friendly locals make it a top tourist destination in Greece. The lighthouse proudly stands to watch over the city from its perch atop the cliff. It is not uncommon for romantics and couples to gaze off into the ocean while holding each other close.



Thessaloniki , Greece

Macedonia is the second-largest region in Greece, and Thessaloniki is its capital. The vibrant festivals, social gatherings, and pulsating nightlife make Athens Greece’s cultural capital. From its Byzantine walls and White Tower to its vibrant food markets, museums, and art galleries, Thessaloniki has many ancient and contemporary attractions. There is no better nightlife in Greece than in Thessaloniki. If you’re looking for a night out in the town of Thessaloniki, you won’t be disappointed.


Chalte Chalte’s ‘Tauba tumhare ye ishare’ is one of the most memorable songs from the film. Santorini, of course, was the obvious choice for that song’s backdrop. With its whitewashed buildings, chaotic but adorable small multicolored dwellings, and spiral walkways, it resembles a fairytale kingdom complete with sapphire domes, blue expanses of water, and a similarly blue sky. For an even more dramatic effect, several homes and hotels are situated on cliffs. The Greek island of Santorini is a renowned tourist destination.


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Its stunning natural beauty is famous, as are the cozy cottages and little restaurants dotting the area. There are several historic monasteries, churches, cathedrals, and other structures around the area that add to its allure. At least once in your lifetime, you should pay a visit to this must-see location when you’re in Greece. Skydiving in Greece is also excellent here, with some of the top spots in the country.


One of our favorite spots to visit in Greece is Mykonos, renowned as the Greek party island. While Mykonos, one of the Cycladic islands, is well-known for its beautiful whitewashed buildings, upscale boutiques, and lively nightlife, the island’s beach clubs are easily avoided if you choose to enjoy the island’s beaches, shopping, and dining instead.

Mýkonos, Greece

Mýkonos, Greece

Greek architecture is typified by its whitewashed structures with blue-domed spires. In Mykonos, several winding lanes are enchanting to the maximum. This charming town’s iconic windmills have become its most popular draw. The rich cultural heritage of the real crabmeat and Mykonos are two of the island’s most popular draws.


The dramatic cliffs that soar more than 1,200 feet (366 meters) above the villages of Kalambaka and Kastraki in northern mainland Greece’s the Ionian Sea are known in Greek as Meteora, which means “suspended in the air.” The medieval monasteries situated above these cliffs add to their allure. As early as the 14th and 16th centuries, monks at Meteora sought spiritual seclusion and freedom from religious persecution by building monasteries there. I’m not quite sure what the English equivalent of the Greek term “Meteora” means. The monasteries of Meteora appear to be floating in the air, perched precariously on the enormous granite cliffs.

Meteora, Polichni, Greece

Meteora, Polichni, Greece

At more than 1,200 feet above sea level, the monasteries of Kalambaka and Kastraki gaze out over the foggy valleys and well-established settlements below. They date back to the early 14th century in certain cases. It’s one of the most beautiful spots in Greece and a must-see for anybody visiting the country. These monasteries, built to seek spiritual seclusion and religious freedom, feature walkways that are thrill-zing – curving paths, small staircases, and sometimes even merely dangling boards. However, the destination is guaranteed to be worth the effort.


Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece.

Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece.

In northern Greece, Halkidiki is a renowned coastal vacation. Three of these “legs” stretch southeastward into the Aegean Sea, making this region home to some of Greece’s best beaches. Central Halkidiki, Kassandra, Sithonia, and Athos are the four separate regions that make up this region. As summer approaches, Halkidiki is a popular destination for tourists from the Balkans and those from the north who want to experience some of the best boutique and luxury hotels in the area. Mount Athos, the area’s monastic republic, has remained essentially intact for hundreds of years and attracts pilgrims from all over the world.


Delphi is one of Greece’s most fascinating and beautiful locations. Several archeological sites are in and around the Oracle, but the oldest is the Oracle itself. Tourists from the Med who wanted to learn more about Apollo would flock to this location. One of the fascinating aspects of seeing one of Greece’s most ancient locations is learning about Greek culture from a new perspective. It’s a great time to visit Greece in November because of the beautiful weather.

Delphi, located in central Greece, was considered by the ancients to be the center of the known universe because of its breathtaking sea views. Delphi has been a popular destination for dreamers, philosophers, authors, and aspirants ever since the Delphic Oracle’s supernatural powers were discovered in the ancient Greek settlement.

Delphi, Greece, Delphi

Delphi, Greece, Delphi

There is a significant archaeological site and museum and a few smaller yet notable classical offerings in the present-day Delphi. Hotels, restaurants, cafes, and tourist stores along the two parallel streets of Delphi village. Within an hour or two, you can easily cover the entire center. At least a two-night stay in Delphi is required to fully appreciate the Oracle site and the mysterious mood that lingers in the air as the sun sets over a magnificent meal.

Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Visit Greece

Food & Beverage of the Highest Quality

Greece is a terrific place to dine and drink with a wide selection of Greek wines, local liquors, and world-famous meals. Island delights and hearty mountain fare await those who go out. Seasonal veggies, fresh fish, and a good dose of Greek olive oil make for a delicious meal. A trip to Greece is a treat for the eyes and the senses alike. One of Greece’s most underrated selling points,’ traditional Greek food, deserves more attention. Mediterranean diets have long been touted for their health benefits and the health benefits of olive oil. However, you may not realize how amazing Greek cuisine is! You can’t go wrong with any fresh fruits or veggies, or even meat. You won’t be disappointed if you go beyond a Greek salad and try some of the other foods on the menu!

Greek Cusaine , Crete, Greece

Greek Cusaine , Crete, Greece

With all that delicious Greek food, you’ll need a few drinks to wash it all down. With the powerful Raki or Tsipouro close second, Ouzo is Greece’s most popular alcoholic beverage. Mythos and Fix and innumerable microbrews are just some of the available national brands of beer. The Peloponnese and Santorini are great places to visit if you enjoy wine. Santorini has roughly a dozen small wineries that provide wine tasting trips.

Vitamins from the Sea

In Greece, there are about 6000 islands. That’s very amazing, isn’t it? As you might guess, there are a lot of lovely beaches to select from when all the coasts are combined! Even Santorini has its tiny hidden treasures, such as Red Beach, provided you know where to search for them! Some of Greece’s most beautiful beaches may be found on the country’s mainland. On some Greek islands, such as Milos, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are hidden from view. Many of Greece’s most beautiful beaches have been seen by me over the years; while it’s hard to name the greatest beaches there, I would recommend checking out beaches in Lefkada, Crete, and Western Greece; Kalamata; Milos; and Mykonos as well. There are many beautiful beaches to choose from in Greece, thanks to the country’s long shoreline. With sandy to pebbly beaches, remote coves, and peaceful bays all available, you’ll never run out of places to get some sun.


In Greece, you may have the time of your life, whether you’re young or old. Greece never goes to sleep from Mykonos, Ios, and Zakynthos to Athens and Thessaloniki. The experience of eating a traditional panegyric (local feast) may be memorable even if you are in a more romantic or rural place.

Chania, Greece

Chania, Greece

Gorgeous scenery, as well as a natural wonderland. Greece offers it all: rugged mountains, beautiful beaches with clean water, lush valleys, tranquil lakes, and dense woods. Allow yourself to be amazed by the natural beauty and diversity that this nation has to offer as you learn about other cultures and marvel at the wonders of the world.

August visitors to the Greek islands may be excused for believing that they’ve only ever seen a harsh, arid, and somewhat bleak scene. Despite its inherent beauty, the nation has a great deal more to offer than this. Meteora, Nafpaktos, and Arachova near Delphi are just a few examples of Greece’s breathtaking environment.

Planning Your Best Time to Visit Greece – What are the Highlights of Visiting Greece?

Greece is a place worth visiting at any time of the year. There will always be something great to do and see, and it is up to you at what time of year to visit. Here are some of the best highlights for each season, so you know what to look out for when planning your trip.

You can only truly appreciate modern-day Greece’s rich history by visiting the country and experiencing it yourself. Discover how Meteora’s stunning hanging monasteries safeguarded contemporary Hellenic civilization against Turkish invasion, and then follow a trail through Delphi’s crumbling remains. On this whirlwind tour of Greece, see where the first Olympics were held, see the charming beach towns of Nafplion, and learn how to make the perfect Greek coffee.

Locally-trained advisers make getting about Athens much easier. Make a beeline for historical wonders like the Acropolis and the Temple of Zeus Olympian. Our ‘feature stay’ in Dimitsana, a beautiful 7th-century settlement perched atop two hills and a canyon in little-visited Central Arcadia, will allow you to see a different side of Greece. Visit the adjacent Prodromos monastery and have coffee or a “Greek delicacy” with a monk.

Meteora is one of Greece’s most remarkable vistas, with its magnificent monasteries perched atop a succession of ancient rock pinnacles. Learn about the many flavors of Greek food by trying various dishes. Traditional taverns provide heavy dishes like moussaka or grilled lamb with tzatziki.

The traditional family-owned bakeries in Galaxidi and Nafpaktos, where you can get packed pastries like the sesame round bread and those with cheese, spinach, chicken, or potato, are worth a visit. Get the inside scoop on the neighborhood’s newest rumors by chatting with the business owner.

How Do You Get Around The Country?

There are many ways to get around the country. In this section, we will explore these different methods. Personal vehicles, public transportation, and carpooling are common ways to get from one place to another. Cars are often not the most eco-friendly option for traveling across a country, but they have a few benefits. Public transportation is a cost-efficient way to travel with many benefits as well. Carpooling is a good option for saving money and reducing the environmental impact of traveling by vehicle.

Best Time To Visit Greece

Neos Kosmos, Athens, Greece

To some, a trip to Greece is all about visiting the country’s many islands. It’s 2,500 years of history in Athens, the Peloponnese Peninsula, and beyond for certain people. It’s a mix of island and mainland, city and countryside, culture and playground for most tourists. There are as many ways to go from point A to point B as destinations. Whether you’re on vacation for a few days or a few weeks, you’re going to need a variety of modes of transportation.

Taking Flights to and from Greece

Once in Athens, most visitors go to the rest of Greece’s tourist attractions. Those traveling to Santorini, Corfu, Thessaloniki, or anywhere else may make a stopover in Athens along the route. Eleftherios Venizelos is Athens’ primary airport (ATH). Smaller airports can also be found on the mainland and the islands.

Two hours is often enough time to connect if you’re flying from Greece to another country. You must first clear immigration before claiming your luggage and rechecking it to enter the country. The lines at immigration may be quite long during peak tourist season (June to August).

Best Time To Visit Greece

Syros, Greece

There aren’t many direct flights from the United States to Greece. There are direct flights from New York (JFK) and Philadelphia (PHL) on Delta and American/US Airways, respectively, but beyond that, you’ll almost certainly be connecting in Europe. You’ll want to book early because direct flights sometimes sell out (think February or March for summer vacation).

From other European nations, it’s easy to travel to Greece as a one-stop destination on your trip. Greece’s major airline, Aegean Airlines, offers service to and from several European cities and domestic routes inside Greece. Seaplanes are another alternative for flying across Greece. At the moment, Hellenic Seaplanes is working to build routes between various island locations and coastal ports and charter flights and tourist trips.

Once you land in Athens, there are efficient transportation systems in place to get you where you need to go, thanks to the 2004 Summer Olympic infrastructural overhauls. Athens’ major destinations may be reached by subway and bus, including Piraeus, Rafina, and Lavrio ports. The city of Athens is located around 20 miles distant.

On a Boat in Greece

Boats are a major mode of transportation in Greece, with more than 8,500 miles of coastline and almost 3,000 islands, 227 of which are inhabited. Although Greece has an extensive network of inter-island and archipelago ferries, it also connects Greece to Italy and Turkey.

Piraeus, the principal port serving the Aegean Sea, is short from Athens International Airport. Cyclades Islands, Crete, Saronic Islands of Saronic Gulf, Dodecanese Islands, and Northeast Aegean Islands are all accessible from there. Evia, the northernmost Cycladic Islands, and several Northeastern Aegean Islands may be reached by ferry from Rafina, a minor port near Athens.

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

The Ionian Islands off Greece’s west coast may be reached by ferry from Patras, Kyllini, or Igoumenitsa in Epirus, depending on where you’re coming from. Patras and Igoumenitsa are two cities from which you may travel to Italy (including ports in Ancona, Bari, Venice, and more). Several Turkish ports offer ferry service to six Greek islands, making it easy to visit both Turkey and Greece simultaneously. A wide range of seagoing boats, from classic huge passenger and vehicle ferries to speedier catamarans and hydrofoils, are operated by several ferry firms.

Buses in Greece

Buses are an easy and convenient way to navigate about mainland Greece and Athens. Kiel, the government agency in charge of them, manages them all. They are often well-kept, cozy, and affordable. You’ll find tourist information centers with schedules and routes accessible everywhere you travel.

Taking the Train to Greece

When compared to the railway systems in Western Europe, the Greek rail system is abysmal. The trains in Greece are sluggish and filthy, and they don’t cover the entire country’s territory. Because of this, it is worth noting that these services are reasonably priced and can get you to some of Greece’s most populous cities. It is possible to purchase a Eurail Greece Pass for three to ten days of first-class unrestricted travel during a one-month period, in addition to savings on many ferry companies. Rail Europe or your travel agency can help you get it.

Driving throughout Greece in a car

It’s tough for everyone to navigate the hilly roads of the mainland and the crowded streets of some of the most visited islands. Driving to isolated communities that aren’t easily accessible by public transit is an excellent option for those willing to take on the task, are at least 21 years old, and are familiar with a standard transmission.

A valid driver’s license from your home country is required to obtain an International Driving Permit. A Jeep or other four-wheel-drive vehicle is ideal for your trip to Greece, so make your reservation as soon as possible (which is the most fun for exploring the islands). Santorini and Crete, two of the most popular islands in the Aegean, also have rental vehicle shortages.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Greece in Winter

Greece is a marvelous country for those who want a summer vacation. It’s warm, has amazing beaches and it’s always sunny. But if you visit Greece in winter, you will experience a different side of the country that can’t be seen during warmer periods. In this article, we will also list why you should visit Greece in winter and choose the best time to visit Greece.

The first reason is that it’s less touristy than during summer. Besides the fact that not many people visit Greece in winter, there are fewer crowds on the beach and fewer people at restaurants. Another reason you should visit Greece in winter is that it is cheaper than during the summer months. Room rates are lower, food prices are better, and more discounts on tours and attractions for tourists.

As a bonus, the restaurants that stay open are those that the locals frequent, so you’re guaranteed to have a delicious meal. Many Greek islands may be readily visited in the winter, including Santorini, Crete and Syros, Corfu; Rhodes and Hydra; Syros and Corfu; and Crete and Syros.

Korinthos, Greece

Korinthos, Greece

Don’t pass up the chance to expand your horizons. Winter salads are a welcome alternative to traditional Greek salad. Because Greeks follow a seasonal diet, you’ll learn about winter foods like stuffed lahanodolmades, Horta, and fasolada (bean soup). You’re in luck when it comes to desserts because, in this Mediterranean country, Christmas baking is a tradition. Baked goods like kourabiedes, diples, and melomakarona (Holiday Honey Biscuits) are sure to bring back fond memories of winter in Greece.

Everything gets congested in the summer. The Acropolis has long queues. There are a lot of people in the little passageways of the islands. On the other hand, having the site to yourself and a few others in the winter will be a more delightful experience. You don’t have to be concerned about the weather. The winters are warmer than those in other nations, even though December through February is the coldest time of year.

Summer vacations, sandy beaches, blue oceans, and gorgeous islands are synonymous with Greece. There are wonderful spots to visit in Greece in the winter, is a little-known fact. Visualize quaint mountain towns, winding trails through the woods, serene lakes, bustling metropolises, sparsely populated historical places, and even a dusting of snow.

Greece is a great place to learn to ski or snowboard. Arachova and Kalavryta, two of Greece’s largest ski and snowboard resorts, are located in the country. Hiking paths in the mountains, rafting on one of the country’s rivers, and horseback riding are just some of the other activities available. The Athens Marathon, one of the world’s most prestigious sporting events, takes place every November in Athens and attracts runners worldwide.

Heraklion Greece

Heraklion, Greece

During the winter months, the islands recover to their natural state. People return to their normal routines, and the dark sky adds tremendous drama to every sight. Crete, Corfu, and Evia, the three largest Greek islands, are the best bets if you’re looking for a full vacation experience during the winter months.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Greece in Summer

Summer in Greece is beautiful, but it can also be crowded and oppressively hot! We love exploring our lovely country in the summer, but it might be difficult to do so during the heat of the day. With good reason, Greece is one of Europe’s most popular vacation destinations. There’s nothing better than soaking up the sun on one of the many beautiful beaches in the area.

If you can, try to avoid July and August and instead visit Greece in June or September. Santorini, a well-known tourist destination, is a good example. If you’re visiting Greece during the summer, be aware that temperatures can soar to above 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit). To avoid trekking in the blistering heat, we suggest visiting the ancient ruins as early in the day as feasible.

After that, you may go to a museum or two and take advantage of the cool air conditioning as the temperature rises around lunchtime. Most people, especially families, will enjoy a late lunch, followed by a few hours on the beach. The ancient sites can also be visited at sunset. Consider the sun and heat even if you plan to spend most of your time on the beach. Keep in mind to always wear a hat and sunscreen and drink enough fluids while out in the sun.

So, when you visit Greece in the summer, all you can think about is going to the beach. However, it’s likely that you’re not the only one who thought about it. During the summer, the beaches on popular Greek islands may get crowded. It’s extremely busy in the summer months of July and August when a large number of Greeks take time off. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more tranquil setting, start by perusing the map. Many lesser-known islands, Kythnos, Andros, Tinos, Lipsi, Leros, and Astypalaia, are just waiting to be found. A road trip across the Peloponnese, Epirus, Pelion, Chalkidiki, Evia, or South Crete region of Greece may also be an option for your vacation.

Hersonissos, Greece

Hersonissos, Greece

Remember that no two beaches are exactly alike. A perfect beach for windsurfing is not suited for snorkeling, and the inverse is true. Pounda Beach in Paros, Vasiliki in Lefkada, and Prasonisi in Rhodes are good sites to do windsurfing or kitesurfing if you’re into that kind of thing. Because of the strong gusts, the waves are ideal for those who enjoy water sports. Families with young children may not be able to use these. Choosing a more quiet and protected beach away from the wind is preferable. There are several places to swim in quiet, clean water.

Even though Greece is a tiny nation, seeing its most popular attractions might take a long time. To make the most of your time in Greece, pick no more than two or three regions to see rather than cramming in as many sights as possible. There is a good chance you would wish to come back to Greece, again and again, following your trip!

Greece is the Perfect Destination. Here’s Why.

Greece is a part of Western Europe and is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. The country’s capital, Athens, has some of the world’s most famous archaeological sites. It is also home to many historical buildings, monuments, and art galleries. The people are friendly and welcoming. And they speak English which makes it easy for tourists to get around Greece on their own without any need for translation services.

A final reason Greece should be your next vacation destination is the value you will receive for your money. Prices in Greece are lower than prices in most other European countries because of its economic crisis in recent years. So what are you waiting for? Get planning your trip and choose the best time to visit Greece.

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