About us

Because we know you want to make your travel dreams come true, and we’re here for every step of the way. Our single platform will help you find great stays and experiences that are perfect for who you are!

Vacantology is a global community of travel experts and local insiders who hand-pick the world’s best bits to share unbiased recommendations and travel stories, with curated collections of places to stay, hotels, rentals, things to do and experiences that can be booked online. Vacantologists are not tied down by any company or brand so they have the freedom to provide you with their most honest reviews. They know what you need because they live it too!

The team at Vacantology wants to help people experience destinations in ways that suit them best—whether through accommodation near family members when visiting home for Thanksgiving or booking an adventure tour when on your favourite vacation.

Our global network is made up of award-winning journalists and new media influencers who are all enthusiastic about travel and the outdoors in general. Every day, our award-winning travel writers and visual storytellers are out exploring the world in search of incredible travel experiences, ideas, and chances to share with you.

Most of the people who contribute to our site have decades of combined journalistic and travel writing experience, which means we have the know-how, knowledge, and industry contacts to provide accurate information about the most exciting places to visit all over the world.

During the last several years, digital media has had a significant impact on the media and travel industries. The era of citizen journalism has offered chances for those with a strong sense of purpose but little or no previous media expertise to become important influencers in the way information is consumed.

Right now, we find ourselves at the crossroads of the media and travel industries – both old and modern. To foretell where the road will take us, you must have the gift of prophecy. There’s just one thing I can say for certain: we’re just getting started on an exhilarating adventure of discovering new methods to discover, book, and tell the world about us and our dream travel destinations.