Saint Petersburg is a stunning city in Russia, one that has been visited by many people. It’s famous for its beautiful architecture and lively atmosphere. There are places to visit in Saint Petersburg for everyone; whether you’re traveling with friends or family, there’s something for everyone!

Top tourist attractions in Saint Petersburg

The Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg is a must-see place. The museum, which was previously the Winter Palace of Russian rulers and tsars, contains over three million items! It’s truly enormous – you might spend days there and still not see everything it has to offer.

The Hermitage Museum is a well-balanced combination of art and culture for tourists. It was founded in 1764, making it one of the world’s first museums. The museum is also one of the world’s largest, with 11 collections ranging from Egyptian antiquities to Swiss fine art. This is a place where you can discover something for even the most severe of critics to marvel at and question. Because there are so many exhibits, it’s essential to have a strategy if you want to go.

The collection, which opened in 1956, features more than 200 works of art by native artists and renowned international painters. There is no cost to enter the gallery, so feel free to visit whenever you like without having to worry about money!


While in Saint Petersburg, don’t miss out on visiting Peterhof. The Grand Peterhof Palace is located 20 minutes away by car or 50 minutes via public transport from the city center. It was constructed by Tsar Peter I (later known as Emperor) so that he might have a place to rule from. The park is lovely for a day out, whether you want somewhere peaceful and tranquil to get away from the hubbub of attractions like Saint Isaac’s Cathedral!

The cathedral itself has been named one of Russia’s most beautiful buildings due to its ornate design combined with stunning mosaics and other details that make it stand out among other places in St Petersburg. You can climb up into the dome at certain times during opening hours which provides fantastic views over places such as the Neva River!

Peterhof, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Peterhof, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Peterhof is a tiny town rather than just a regular vacation spot. This city serves as St Petersburg’s municipal administration, and it has changed dramatically over the years. The magnificent palace, which stands almost 50 feet above sea level and is located just above the beach, would be an excellent place to visit.

The campus of St. Petersburg State University is located in Peterhof and serves as home to several science departments. While walking through the streets of Peterhof’s Peterhof municipality, you may visit an array of gardens and fountains.

St. Isaac’s Cathedral

The oldest and greatest cathedral in the world is St. Isaac’s Cathedral, with breathtaking Russian-Byzantine architecture and a gold-plated dome. It continues to function as both a cathedral and museum today.

The stunning cathedral was built in 1858, after 40 years of meticulous labor. The façade of the cathedral is adorned with delicate work, and huge granite columns, a total of 112 of which are used in the whole church. The gold dome at the top is encircled by 12 statues of angels, each produced by electrotyping, which made them very light and thin yet strong. This was the first time that electrotyping had been utilized in this way.

The church’s interior, as you might expect, is lavishly adorned with mosaics, as well as a large stained glass window depicting the ‘Resurrected Christ’ in the main altar. It was transformed into a Museum of Religion and Atheism by the new communist regime in 1931. Even though it resumed its religious services after the fall of the USSR, it is still considered a popular tourist attraction today.

Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg


Nevsky Avenue

The Nevsky Prospekt in St Petersburg is regarded as one of the city’s longest streets, and it is equally popular amongst locals and tourists. The site has a long history, having been established many years ago. On top of that, due to shopping malls, ancient heritage buildings, palaces, and other factors, the location is even more popular.

Rivers and canals of St. Petersburg

By boat tour, you may cruise along the Neva River and canals, seeing the sights of St. Petersburg from a new perspective while enjoying the beauty of the white nights and drawbridges.

Canals of Saint Petersburg

Canals of Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg has a boat tour that allows you to see the entire city’s historic attractions from the water. Visitors are invited to get on board and journey past many of the city’s most important sites via its waterways and canals, especially during the best weather in town. The cruise includes a narrated journey around the city, as well as refreshments and the option to customize their route with an experienced guide. The boat trip allows you to see historical sites, along with spectacular houses of architecture and marvels throughout the city.

The Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg

The Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg, Russia, is one of the city’s oldest heritage locations, dating back to the early decades of the 1800s. The location is frequently used for a variety of activities and ceremonies. For visitors, several exhibitions are held at the site.

Church on Spilled Blood

Don’t forget about Church on Spilled Blood, either! The church was built in memory of Tsar Alexander II’s assassination and is patterned after St Basil’s Cathedral. It has a Russian flavor to it that makes it all the more distinctive.

Did you know about places like this in Saint Petersburg? If that’s the case, why not go there and see them for yourself when you return? You won’t be sorry if you visit these locations – they’re fantastic sites that everyone should view at least once in their life!

How many days do you need to visit Saint Petersburg, Russia?

It would be best to have at least four days when visiting places in Saint Petersburg so that you don’t feel rushed. If possible, plan your visit during the summer months when it’s warm outside and beautiful flowers are blooming everywhere!

Whether two or seven days is what you’re able to spend, there will be places worth seeing within them. Just make sure that you use this time wisely by exploring places like Peterhof, The Hermitage Museum, and Church on Spilled Blood – they do deserve a good look around!

Few people realize how big Russia is; it takes up half of Asia after all. This means that if you want to see everything worth seeing without rushing about too much, then having five weeks for places to visit in Saint Petersburg is a must.

This amount of time would allow you to take your time and get under the skin of places such as these! Whether it’s Peterhof, The Hermitage Museum, or Church on Spilled Blood, there are so many places that you’ll definitely want to go back for a second look once you know more about them after this initial exploration period.

If you have even longer than five weeks though, then keep going with places worth visiting! Russia has plenty of places waiting for people like yourself who want something different from their travels rather than just heading off somewhere else where most tourists already flock. Some places won’t be overcrowded by other visitors which can make all the difference when trying to get a feel for places.

places to visit in Saint Petersburg

In fact, even if you have all the time in the world to visit places in Saint Petersburg, it still wouldn’t be enough! There is so much available that there will always be something new and incredible just waiting around the corner. Don’t miss out on places such as these when going about exploring places to visit in Saint Petersburg – they are quite magnificent!

It’s impossible to list every place worth visiting when talking about places like this since there are hundreds of them scattered throughout Russia. However, one thing is for sure: no matter how long or short your trip is, having four days or six weeks isn’t enough! Be sure not to limit yourself by giving five minutes here and there to places such as Peterhof, The Hermitage Museum, and Church on Spilled Blood.

The best places in Saint Petersburg will always be busy with other people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them while they’re there! Just take your time when exploring places like these and you’ll discover what makes them so great for yourself – it’s an experience worth having at least once in a lifetime. It would even be possible to visit places during the winter months if you wanted due to how cold it is outside then – just make sure that you dress warmly enough before going out into places like this or risk getting frostbite.

Which is the best month to visit Saint Petersburg?

Saint Petersburg has a humid continental climate, which is characterized by cold summers and chilly winters. Summers in the city are generally short, cool, and humid due to the influence of the Baltic Sea cyclones. Each year, St. Petersburg is covered with snow for more than 120 days. There’s not much snowfall during winter months though so you’ll be able to enjoy lovely white landscapes if visiting places like these!

The ideal time to visit Russia is from June to August when the temperatures are pleasant and the nights are long and light.

What to do in Saint Petersburg during the winter?

The snow-covered streets and bridges of St. Petersburg are spectacular during the winter months. The canals freeze over, beckoning you to skate, slide, or otherwise exhibit your swan-like elegance on the ice with local families on weekends. Naturally, this makes taking a canal journey a little more difficult. There’s also a lot of compensation in the form of all of the magnificent historic edifices, such as the Winter Palace, St. Peter and Paul Fortress, and Hermitage Castle, which is blanketed with snow. In the depths of winter, temperatures can drop as low as -10°C, but they may feel considerably chillier in the brisk winds. (and time) Saving money (and time) by buying something in a city shop is easier if you travel with heavy-duty boots, scarves, hats, and jackets.

Palace Square saint petersburg

Palace Square

What’s better and cozier than a city that has been adorned for Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Saint Petersburg transforms into an enchanting metropolis. Hundreds of illuminations twinkle throughout the historic center, while all major attractions are also illuminated, all cafés and stores adorn their shop windows with a distinct ambiance.

Is Saint Petersburg safe for the visit?

St. Petersburg is largely comparable to other cities in terms of safety for visitors. It isn’t as safe as Helsinki, Tallinn, or Vienna, but it is still quite secure. Follow the same precautions you’d take if visiting any other city, and your stay will go smoothly.

Is Saint Petersburg, Russia expensive?

St. Petersburg is Russia’s most popular tourist destination, with traditional architecture and Old World elegance that isn’t found in Moscow. The city is generally affordable when compared to some of the less expensive Eastern European cities from a financial standpoint. Aside from the main attractions, most tourists will discover that transportation and daily costs are reasonable by global standards.

Canals of Saint Petersburg

There are several budget hotels in Saint Petersburg, ranging from extremely cheap to quite expensive. The cheapest places are often of lesser quality than those found in Europe. There are a growing number of hostels in Saint Petersburg, and the private rooms available at these might be an excellent option for budget travelers.

Local eateries, especially fast-food restaurants, are much less expensive than restaurants in hotels and those with English-language menus posted outside.

These are the typical costs in St. Petersburg:

  • Metro ride – 45 rub
  • Bus ride – 35 rub
  • Coffee – 210 rub
  • Lunch (budget place) – 250 rub
  • Dinner (fancy restaurant) – 1200 rub
  • Entry to a museum – 400-700 rub
  • River cruise – 600-800 rub

Is Saint Petersburg worth for visit?

Yes, if you are in Russia or around the region it is definitely worth the visit. It has some fascinating places to explore and beautiful places with the rich history behind them.


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Most people who visit St.Pete once fall in love and always try to come back. It is one of the most beautiful and mysterious cities in Europe.

Stay at a nice hotel in the city center, pick up a good guidebook, use your common sense, and remember that you’re in the metropolis. Rent a bike and cycle along the canals for some street food or make a day of it by visiting the city center and the Hermitage. Take the boat ride down rivers and canals, go on a hydrofoil to Peterhof.

Numerous useful websites will guide you through all of the noteworthy and minor attractions in the area. Learn a little of Cyrillic—it will come in very useful!

Do I need Visa to visit Saint Petersburg?

The answer is yes for most of us. Check out this website for more Visa information to enter Saint Petersburg. Foreign visitors will be able to visit St. Petersburg with an E-visa from October 2019 onwards. According to international travel experts, Russia, on the other hand, needs to put out greater efforts in attracting new tourists.

Check out these websites for apply for Visa:

Though Saint Petersburg is a beautiful city that has been visited by many people, there are still some places to visit! Explore the best places to visit in Saint Petersburg and find out why it’s called “The Venice of North”. The list includes famous landmarks like the Hermitage, Palace Square, Peterhof Gardens, or even an overnight stay at one of these hotels. There’s something for everyone so get ready to explore this amazing part of Russia with us today!

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