Madeira Island is a gem of a destination. One of the most popular travel destinations in Europe, Madeira offers many things to do and see for all travelers. With what seems like endless sunny days and a year-round summer climate, what else could you want? You can enjoy hiking through green pine forests or go on an aerial tram that will take you over the rainforest canopy! If you’re looking for more nightlife than daytime activities, then look no further! The nightlife scene lets visitors experience what it’s like to be part of Portugal’s vibrant culture, with plenty of bars and nightclubs offering live music every day of the week. All this, combined with its safe environment, means that there are many reasons why people keep coming back.

Madeira island guide

Is Madeira Island safe for the visit?

Madeira is one of the safest holiday destinations in Europe, with only a few crimes reported every year. Thanks to its remote location, there are no drug-related problems and what you can expect on your visit is what you would find on any other island: some pickpocketing, but overall it’s not something that should ruin your experience!

What else makes Madeira Island special?

As well as all this, what also adds to the appeal of Madeira Island are its magnificent views, including Funchal Bay which offers up stunning sunsets each night. There are many places where visitors can enjoy taking part in water sports or simply relax by the beach while they admire nature at work before heading back into town for dinner and drinks! It really does have something for everyone!

Is Madeira expensive for a visit?

Although the prices in Madeira do tend to be a little higher than what you might find elsewhere, it is still one of Europe’s cheaper holiday destinations. You will easily get by on $50 per day, which includes your accommodation and travel expenses, so what are you waiting for?

The costs of living in Madeira are comparable to those on the continent, and some items are even less expensive. If you avoid the top hotels and high-end restaurants, it’s a wonderful bargain break. The standard of living is somewhat lower than on mainland Portugal, with generous tourist industry subsidies as well as Portuguese national budget benefits. Everything will be inexpensive if you go where the locals go.

What is the best time to visit Madeira?

The islands of Madeira are blessed with a sub-tropical Mediterranean climate all year round. The temperature rarely falls below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (the standard temperature for most Europeans). As the weather is influenced by what happens in North Africa, you should avoid going during July and August as this is when it gets unbearably hot!

What to pack?

Think lightweight clothes that cover your shoulders and legs—tank tops or T-shirts, light cotton shirts or dresses, pants or Capri trousers for women—for sun protection. If you’re staying overnight anywhere other than luxury hotels, remember mosquito repellent from November through April; otherwise, there’s no need as they won’t be around. A windproof jacket will come in handy if you’re planning on doing any hiking.

What activities can I do in Madeira?

Madeira is the perfect place for couples, families, or groups of friends looking to relax with what it offers, including historic buildings and museums as well as unique flora and fauna! There are plenty of places where you can go swimming (although note that there aren’t many beaches), while if snorkeling sounds like your thing, then this is definitely something you should try during your trip! If not, why not book one of several boat tours available throughout the island, which offer great views of what Funchal has to offer?! Or perhaps kayaking will interest you more?! The possibilities really are endless, so what are you waiting for?! Go explore what Madeira Island has to offer!

Do you want to visit when the weather is at its finest? June is the ideal month, but you can also go between March and September.

A rarely visited beach in Calhau da Lapa.

Are you interested in trekking and walking a lot? April and May are the optimum months to visit if you want to do a lot of hiking and walking. It may be too warm for walking after late February or early March, when it’s chilly outdoors.


On the island, there are approximately 2,000 kilometers of trails, many of which are used for irrigation canals. Various pathways will take you along the coast, across the mountains, and through the valleys dotted with waterfalls and lush forests. Some of them are simple walks, while others need a certain level of hiking competence. There is something for everyone on this island paradise.

Is it too late to take a vacation to Madeira at this time of year? When is the best time of year to visit Madeira to see all of the lovely flowers? So, if you want to see one of the world’s most beautiful gardens in Funchal, if you want to see those iconic sceneries with blossoms in the background or rather flowers everywhere, April and May are good months.


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Madeira is also well-known for whale and dolphin encounters. If you want to do anything similar, the optimum period to visit is between April and October, when the greatest number of mammal species are present in Madeira’s oceans.

Canyoning on Madeira

Did you know that Madeira is recognized as one of the world’s finest locations for canyoning? You now understand that you can’t leave this island without trying canyoning at least once, so put two and two together.

Day boat trips to nearby islands.

There are four main islands and several minor ones in the Madeira archipelago. If you have more time, check out some of them, as they are quite different from what you’ll find on the major island.

If you’re looking for a break from the sand, hop on the boat and head to tiny Porto Santo, where you’ll find 9 kilometers of golden sands and spectacular vistas.

Madeira has black sand beaches and Porto Santo, which are sandy beaches with deserted islands; Deserta and Farol islands, on the other hand, have white sand beaches, so it’s back to another planet.

How to get into Madeira?

By air, you can reach Madeira from Lisbon with a direct flight which is only about an hour long. If you’re looking to book flights online, then just use your favorite search engine and type in what you are after!

There are numerous cheap flights from Europe to Madeira available today. You can save money by flying between major cities like London, Amsterdam, and Lisbon. However, there are a variety of additional locations where you may fly to Madeira from.

Due to the airport being located on one of the smaller islands that make up Madeira—Porto Santo Island—you will need to take a short ferry ride over if flying into Funchal Airport. The view alone makes it worth doing, but what else? Well, at least there’s no hustle or bustle, so enjoy this moment for what it is before continuing with your journey!

If coming by sea, most ferries depart from Praça do Mar in central Lisbon (off Terreiro do Paço), but there are also ferries from Setúbal, Cacilhas (near Lisbon), and Aveiro.

If coming by land, Madeira can be reached via Spain’s Huelva province following the A-90/E-15 highway through Portugal to Elvas, where you catch a ferry crossing over to Funchal or simply drive across if your car is equipped for what lies ahead!

Are the travel restrictions to Madeira?

If you’re looking to get into Madeira, there are no travel restrictions. You simply enter what’s called the Schengen Area of Europe, which entitles you to visit many European countries without needing a visa!

So what does this mean? Well, it means that your trip will be free from any hassling around at borders and what not where; all that is required for entry is having your passport or ID card on hand, as well as anything else, needed if traveling by land such as car registration papers, etc. If flying, then just show up with whatever documents apply to your mode of transport, and away you go!

Wherever in Portugal do I need a Visa?

As we mentioned before, entering Portugal doesn’t involve getting a visa as such, but what it does mean is that you will need to have a passport or ID card on hand, so do not leave this behind!

What to see on Madeira Island?

There are plenty of what to see on Madeira Island for first-time visitors.

Some popular attractions include the following:

The Botanical Garden (Jardim Botânico) in Funchal is like no other and can be found near Monte Palace Tropical Gardens, where you’ll find over 1400 different types of plant life that live here! So what does this mean? Well, it means that you will get a chance to enjoy many beautiful views including exotic flowers, trees, cacti as well as birds which make their home here too. All throughout this garden, there are several trails, so if one becomes too tiring, then simply hop onto another one or perhaps take a seat by the side and watch all those natural scenes surrounding you!

The Church of Nossa Senhora do Monte (Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Monte), which is located on top of what’s called the mountain in Funchal, makes for a great photo opportunity as it looks spectacular from the city below. Plus, if you’re looking to get married, then this may be an option too! As we all know, weddings take place everywhere, and what better backdrop could there possibly be than overlooking one of Europe’s most beautiful travel locations? That really would make your wedding pictures stand out and look incredible, imagine what people will say when that time comes around again!?

If none of those ideas appeals, then just do what most visitors do and what comes naturally—wander around!

Pico do Arieiro

is another popular spot to visit as what you’ll see is a beautiful landscape which will give you great views of the island.

Pico do Arieiro View

Pico do Arieiro

If this isn’t enough, then what about taking your car out on one of those winding roads or perhaps even try some water sports? There are so many options available here that it really would be impossible not to find what appeals most!

Cabo Girao

This is a must-see when you visit Madeira. I won’t be taking it away from you because the peak measures 580m and it’s the tenth highest cliff over the sea, and so the views are really spectacular. It’s usually jam-packed with tourists, and to be honest, I thought some of the views in Madeira were better. So, at the end of the day, I don’t think I would miss much if I didn’t go there. But if you want to check it out anyway, go for it.

Traditional houses in Santana

Nobody seems to be leaving Madeira without seeing the traditional Madeira homes, which are among the most popular attractions. It may be a nice little stop, but don’t you think it’s a bit disappointing that you’ll only get to see a few well-known residences from postcards and periodicals? It’s lovely; it’s traditional, and it photographs extremely well, so it comes without any preconceptions and has fun.

Traditional houses in Santana

Traditional houses in Santana

Sao Vicente Caves

If you like geology, then you won’t want to miss out on the volcanic caverns of Sao Vicente. A one-hour tour through the lava tunnels costs 8 EUR and requires a reservation.

The tour takes you to what once was a volcano. The volcanic eruptions have left behind fascinating rock formations, which are worth seeing in the company of an expert guide – who will also explain what everything is called!

Canico town center

This cute little village has beautifully painted buildings with traditional blue and white tiles on display. It’s idyllic, but it isn’t really much more than that, so if that sounds like your kind of thing, then I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

What to eat and drink on Madeira?

madeira food

Of course, what’s a holiday without sampling some of the local cuisines? There are many restaurants situated close to one another so you won’t have too much trouble finding somewhere that appeals. You’ll find traditional dishes all over here, but if it doesn’t appeal, then why not try out something new!

Since this is Portugal, there will be seafood on offer, and what better place to enjoy delicious fresh fish than overlooking the ocean itself… The choice really is yours – just do what feels right for your tastes!

Madeira wine (vinho da Madeira), produced exclusively in Madeira Island since 1765, was once known as the “wine of kings” because British Queen Victoria loved this white drink made from fermented grape juice. This deep yellow wine is rich, has a pleasant taste, and can be served both warm or cool.

In Madeira, there is no such thing as burgers and kebabs, so don’t look for it. The finest street food in Madeira is the local garlic bread Bolo Do Caco. Garlic bread is cooked on a toast with lots of butter and garlic added. If you don’t want to eat garlic bread plain, add cheese, bacon, meat, or tuna instead.

Bolo de Mel (honey cake) is a traditional Madeiran dessert. The honey-sweetened dough is baked and filled with marmalade, nuts, or chocolate.

The most widespread beverage in Madeira Island is coffee – locals drink it all day long! Cafes are usually very spacious and cozy; they also offer local snacks, as Bolo Do Caco mentioned above as well as locally made ice cream.

Madeira has both meat and fish for those of you who enjoy either. Madeira, on the other hand, provides both meat and fish. But to be honest, when you visit this lovely island, you don’t want to pass up the chance to try some of its amazing seafood dishes. Scabbard fish is one of the most popular species; it does not appear very appealing as a catch but is delicious when grilled. It’s usually prepared in oil.

If you’re looking for a travel destination that is not your typical tourist spot, Madeira Island might be the perfect place to visit. This small island in Portugal has been attracting travelers from around the world because of its unique location and natural beauty. What makes this destination so special? We will explore some reasons why it really stands out among other popular destinations below!

Discovering Madeira’s Rich Culture: The Top Must-Do Experiences

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